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Technology changes every day and keeping up with knowing how to use a smart device isn’t always easy. Get in touch with our Tech Advocate to receive personalized assistance to confidently use your smartphone, computer, smart home tools, or wearable device.

How We Help

Get personalized assistance from our Tech Advocate to set up your device, download apps, learn how to use apps, find solutions for service issues, and more! We are here to help you feel confident in using technology to stay connected, browse the Internet, and enjoy using your device. 


Smartphones, cell phones, iPhone, Android


iPad, Kindle, Android tablets and more


Laptop and computer assistance for PC and Mac


WiFi and home internet support and assistance with customer service

Health Apps

Download & use health and safety apps

Virus Protection

Laptop and home computer virus trouble-shooting & protection

Messages & Calls

Phone calls, text messages, and video calls

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Learn How to Use Your Device

Where are the instructions for how to use tablets, smartphones, laptops, and wearable devices? They are not always easy to find!

And asking for someone to teach you how to use your tablet, phone, or computer can be frustrating.  Learn from someone who can guide you at your own pace, with personalized attention to your questions and needs.  

Let us help you get started with confidently using your device, apps, and software!

Our professional Tech Advocate will visit you at your home, or the location of your choice, to assist you. Ready to get started? Click the “Get Started” button to schedule an appointment.

Meet Hayden

Hayden Baca Owner of UnSavvy Strategy

Owner of UnSavvy Strategy, Hayden Baca loves people and helping them resolve an issue with their technology or service. She likes being able to make a difference in someone’s life. Hayden understands that it may seem like a small thing to help someone fix something on their mobile phone, computer, or smart device –  but it makes a big difference to the person who is using it!

Hayden Baca is our Tech Advocate and is passionate about helping others learn how to use technology, mobile devices, software, and apps to their fullest potential. She is patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. Hayden is dedicated to her clients and committed to resolving their issues. 

Whether you or someone you know is feeling frustrated with how to use their device or make technology work for them, Hayden is happy to help!

Call today to schedule your private consultation. 


These are our favorite tips and tricks on how to use your new tablet, mobile phone, wearable device, or other smart device. 


What is WiFi?

WiFi is what allows you to use the internet on your smartphone, computer, tablet, and other devices.

tablet instructions

What is an App?

An App is a computer program on your phone or tablet. There are lots of different kinds of apps, and they can do different things. 


What Can an App Do?

There are apps that are games, apps that let you communicate with other people on your phone, apps you can use to do art, apps that remind you when to take your medication, and more!

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