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In-person assistance for any device, software, or online account.

smart home device setup help

Device Set-Up

Devices don’t always come with an instruction manual. We help seniors set up and learn how to use devices. Let us help you set up your new iOS, Android, Google device, or other brand of mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch, smart home device and more!


Online Account Troubleshooting

Our Tech Advocate can resolve issues with creating user accounts or troubleshooting login issues. Get in-person support for online portals, accounts to view and pay bills, email accounts, internet service online accounts and more.


Tech Support

In-person technology support for smart devices to resolve issues with devices, software, computer virus protection, internet service issues, and more. Reliable customer service with real results!

customer service

Customer Service

Unlimited assistance with calling the service company, so that you can easily talk to the right person for your issue and get it fixed. We will speak to the customer service agent for you and provide the customer service representative with the information they are requesting.

tablet instructions

Online Services Support

Help with online accounts is our specialty. Online services can be confusing to use. Whether you want to watch movies online or try out a new service, we can teach you how to use it the way you want to – confidently!


Device Demonstration

Technology can be easily overwhelming, and we’re here to simplify it. we can show you how to use your smartphone, computer, smart home devices, wearable technology and more! Our Tech Advocate will come to your home and teach you how to use your new device.

help changing phone settings

Help with Device Settings

Settings on your mobile phone or tablet can be changed, but knowing how to do it is not always clear. We can help you with customizing settings, including: connect your device to the internet, change the brightness of the screen, make the text size larger, change your alerts and notifications, and increase or decrease the sound. 

help with app

App Downloads

There are apps that are games, apps that let you communicate with other people on your phone, apps you can use to do art, apps that remind you when to take your medication, and more. We will help you set up your app on your mobile phone or tablet and go through how to use it with you step-by-step. 

customer service online medical portal

Online Medical Portal

Our Tech Advocate will assist with logging into your patient portal and navigating through it to help you access your medical records, schedule appointments, and more. We understand the importance of medical privacy and promise that your health history information will never be shared with anyone.

Tech support for seniors

Tech Support for Seniors

Technology can be easily overwhelming, and we’re here to simplify it. As one of our clients said,  “I know I’m looking for this connection, but I don’t know what it’s called or what terminology to use to explain what I’m trying to do.”

Let us teach you how to use your devices confidently and work through service issues so that you can enjoy using your online services, software, and devices.

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