About Us

This company was built on the philosophy of Owner, Hayden Baca, that seniors deserve a lot more assistance from the younger generations than they get, especially with technology. 

About Us

Hayden’s passion for helping people learn how to use technology comes from her vast experience in working for major corporate companies that offered services for WiFi, mobile phones, apps, security, and smart devices. She discovered that when customers needed to call the number for customer service for their internet service, they were only given 30 minutes of time with the customer service agent. This was not always enough time to resolve the issue.

Our dedication to customer service is this: We are here until you are completely satisfied and confident with using your technology device and service. 

With experience in going into people’s homes to install security systems, setting up smart home devices, WiFi light bulbs, smartphones, wearable devices (such as smartwatches and health devices), smart TV, video door bells, and more, our Tech Advocate provides help with setting up and using your equipment.

Would you like Hayden to visit with you at your home to help you? Click the button below to schedule an in-person appointment with her.

Hayden Baca Owner of UnSavvy Strategy
Hayden Baca | Owner & Tech Advocate, UnSavvy Strategy

What Our Customers Say


Happy Customers who feel comfortable using their devices is our goal. Here are some of the folks we’ve helped to do just that!

For technical support this is the PERFECT contact! Hayden is unwilling to quit until the issue is solved. Very personable but still professional, you will definitely be satisfied with the experience!
Jazmin G.
Hayden is one of the most incredible people you will ever meet. Her desire to help people is nothing like I have ever seen. She has a true passion for what she does and is not in this just to make money. You will not regret using her to help with anything you need.
Jarick H.
For Seniors who need a little help with their iPhones, tablets, and smart watches - Hayden is the best tech support in Amarillo, TX!
Sandy W.

Have Hayden Speak at your Event

Hayden is experienced in speaking at events for seniors and is open to speaking at yours! She provides trainings, seminars, and workshops for Senior Living Centers, Nursing Homes, Independent Living Communities, and Retirement Centers. 

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