What is Wifi?


WiFi is what allows you to use the internet on your smartphone, computer, tablet, and other devices.

How does WiFi get to your device? 

Your internet service comes into your home through cables, like how cable TV comes into your home, from a company. Just like how cable TV lets you see channels on your TV screen, the internet service lets you use the internet. 

When the internet service comes into your home, it goes to the internet service box in your home. This box is called a wireless router and modem. This is where the WiFi connection is. This box sends WiFi signals to your phone, computer, tablet, and other devices. The WiFi is wireless and invisible. It is a signal in the air. When this Wifi connection is working, you can use the internet on your devices. When the Wifi is not working, the internet is unavailable. 

How much WiFi data does your device use?

If you have a limited amount of data you can use on your internet provider plan, you may be concerned about using it up. You are NOT using data just because your device is turned on. You are only using data when you are making a call, sending a text message or email, watching a video, or browsing the internet. 

Need Help with your WiFi Service?

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What is Wifi?
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